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01.23.2013 – The great Jose T. Joya one of the country’s renowned mix media and former dean of University of the Philippines’ College of Fine Arts will have a special exhibit in collaboration with Gallery BIG and Vinyl on Vinyl at Proscenium in the Rockwell Tent.

Rockwell Land will be part of the event paying tribute to the late national artist (inducted in 2003) featuring a collection of his works from the past. The exhibit will be called “Joya: A Modern Native” which will also feature some of the local talents having their own art pieces on exhibit along with Joya's huge canvass of art that will also be up for sale.

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The exhibit will be on January 26 to 27, 2013 and will have an inaugural opening Friday night at 6PM. If you are into art and want to check out the event see details below:

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