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01.17.2013 – Card Games is a lost art rarely you see anyone enjoying a game or “memory,” “old maid,” or even “Go Fish!” In this digital age of tablets and smartphones most games are played in these devices. But nothing beats old school fun interactive with friends and family.

Hasbro the iconic toymaker of G.I. Joe and Transformers also produce board games like Monopoly and Cluedo keeping them fresh for the next generation. Early 2012 they announced a partnership with Zynga the company known for Farmville and Mafia Wars online.

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The collaboration between Hasbro and Zynga has plans to produce interactive card games. They have released several games related to their online versions with a different twist. One of these themes familiarly related is the Farmville Animal Games which featured three farm animals.

If you remember the game “Go Fish!” chances are you have an idea what the Groovy Chicken’s up to with a new twist. Packaged in the Chicken pouch filled with animal cards… Actually they are egg shaped cards that would certainly catch your attention. “Go Fish” with the Groovy Chicken that kids would certainly ask for matching the silly pictures.

Actually the Groovy Chicken IS the pouch wearing dark non-removable shades that contain the game cards, instruction on how to play, and the 20 Farm Cash for use in the FARMVILLE online game.

There are two other farm animals that were released which are the Sheep (Memory Game) and the Cow (Old Maid) that would be interesting to collect along with this Groovy Chicken. So far there’s not one sold in the Philippines as this was released sometime in October 2012.

The game is age 4 and up which can have 2 to 4 players and has 40 cards accompanied in the Chicken pouch plus the above mentioned Farm Cash and instructions on how to play the game.

Groovy Chicken’s “Go Fish!” is collaboration by Hasbro and Zynga makers of Farmville online game and for more details of the product view it HERE!

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