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12.28.2012 – Tomica is known for manufacturing licensed die cast cars and for a long time they have been consistent with that tradition. But this might the first time the designers let their hair down to come up something unique and thinking out of the box.

Enter: TDM Hayate. It was conceived and was released in one of Tomica’s 2009 Show in Japan as an exclusive which is now discontinued. The inspiration for this car is a mash up of ideas what would be the car of the future similar to what the designers at Mattel is doing with their Hot Wheels.

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TDM stands for “Tomica Dream Motors” and “Hayate” assuming is the designer of this car which was named after or we might be wrong in that last part. .

This was released under the “Tomica Event Model” series with a designated number 21 on its packaging which does not feature ANY artwork or photo in the box. There were three color variations of the TDM Hayate and the first one was in bright red with grey combinations for the engine and boosters. This was of course the one that was released in limited quantities during Tomica 2009 Show.

The next one of course was released in that same year which is under the “Tomica Event Model” in deep blue with gold/copper color painted in the engine as well as darker tint in the cockpit. The third version was exclusively released at a Tomica Shop in Japan which is in bright yellow.

“Tomica Event Model” version is the next best exclusive of the TDM Hayate which made it to be sold ONLY at all Toy Town outlets in the Philippines along with three others numbers 17 (Nissan Fairlady 280Z-T), 19 (Tomica F1), and 20 (Hovercraft).

It’s one of the unique designs that was an original Tomica not based from a real car with working suspension and an opening hatch behind the car revealing its powerful engine that can be compared to the Daimos car known as the Tryper 75S (called "Rover 75S" in the Filipino dub of the series). Its sleek cockpit looks more based in a spaceship than a car in a dark tint.

Of course since this is an original Tomica design it’s specifically a right-hand drive car as evident where the steering wheel is located. The appearance is unique with its futuristic design and its evident of the way this was created.

It’s rare you’ll see Tomica come up with their own car designs that inspire original ideas and concept. The TDM Hayate is no longer being manufactured as confirmed being discontinued and the last variation can only be acquired through a nearby Tomica Shop in Japan. The red version tops the other two versions not having any writings on both sides.

The TDM Hayate is part of the 2009 Tomica Event Model series manufactured by Takara Tomy and locally distributed by Bankee Toys with a retail price of PhP 299.75 pesos.

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