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12.12.2012 – How often do you see upper management go down and try to inspire his or her employees? Rarely you’ll see someone but if it’s Michael Jordan that’s entirely something we’ve seen a couple of years ago even prior to becoming the CEO and Chairman of the Charlotte Bobcats.

Jordan the greatest basketball player who has played the game has been a regular mostly seen at the bench of the Charlotte Bobcats. Twice it was reported playing H.O.R.S.E with Gerald Henderson during his rookie season and now helping out with the training with the new members of the cats.

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Besides seeing Michael Jordan working out with the younger players he’s wearing the latest Air Jordan XX8 (28) which have been previously sighted being worn by Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook a few weeks ago.

At age fifty MJ still has the moves but based on the interview with Henderson his defence needs some work. The work out was in preparation for the game against the Los Angeles Clippers and trying to get off an 8 game loss. Sometimes you need some inspiration to get back in the game and work harder and Mr. Jordan has provided that.

If you haven’t seen the G.O.A.T in action here are a couple of photos taken during the work out at the Bobcats training facility…

For more photos check out the rest directly at the Charlotte Bobcats HERE as well as the video HERE!

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