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12.25.2012 – The Shell F1 Team is a group of minifigures based on the Formula 1 Pit Crew though not exactly what you’d expect but pretty much more like a research team than a group of people who does the replacing of tires and adjusting the front and rear wings of the car.

This promotional offer by Shell in collaboration with LEGO® was first sighted in Singapore last September 2012 in one of the refuelling stations. Though originally the ad will only show six vehicles based in Ferrari cars while the set of minifigures would be the added special as its 7th product to be offered.

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Originally a racing pit crew consists of 15 to 30 people and it depends on which racing competition. But if it’s on Formula One the task of the team is only assigned to refuel and making adjustments on the car’s performance. The crew on this set is unlike the one you thought it would be though not entirely familiar with the standard pit crew but the Shell F1 Team has its own characters as portrayed by LEGO® minifigures scale.

The set 30196 contains 46 pieces that was first announced as part of Shell’s promotion sometime late in August 2012. It consists of three minifigures but there’s no definite explanation of the characters individual designation in the team.

There are two male and one female minifigure in this set assigned as the pit crew for the Formula One race car that was also part of the promotion from Shell. When you open the packaging there where parts segregated in a smaller plastic bag to avoid having getting them all mixed up. The bodies of the minifigures are entirely blank and there’s an accompanied sticker sheet in a white box.

The three minifigures can be described easily by their assigned designation. The first figure is the Ferrari Race Mechanic which wears a helmet and a removable visor. He comes with a trolley which supposed to carry fresh new tires to replace the used ones from the car which was first mistaken to be a unique kind of jack to lift the front or the rear car.

The Ferrari Refuelling Engineer looks VERY familiar as the hairpiece is recycled from the SDCC 2011 Exclusive Green Lantern minifigure from the movie. He’s assigned the task to carry the mobile refuelling unit for the Formula One and he does looks like Hal Jordan don’t you think?

The last member of the Shell F1 Team is the Ferrari Track Scientist which recycles the hairpiece of the nurse that was released in the Minifigure Series 1. She is mostly the research member of the team to refine the fuel which will be needed for the Formula One race car that consists of a laboratory rock and multiple Shell fuel samples with her shelf.

Interesting enough to find out these minifigures is the last you’ll find at selected Shell gas stations where most get the vehicles first. This rare set you won’t find anywhere and if you have the chance to gas up your car get these little people for your Formula One Racing Team.

The acquire these LEGO® models for PhP 180.00, is to gas-up for PhP 1,500 pesos worth (either a single or accumulated purchase) of Shell FuelSave Unleaded or diesel. But if you use Shell V-Power Nitro+ Racing, Shell V-Power Nitro+ Gasoline or Shell V-Power Nitro+ Diesel you can get a set for only PhP 140.00 pesos.

This promo was extended until December 31, 2012 get one of these LEGO® Ferrari set from Shell Services while supply last!

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