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11.29.2012 – Up Dharma Down finally launched the most awaited third album in Capacities. To some degree their fans is so huge in numbers that that One Esplanade was filled up. Back when Bipolar was launched it was limited only to a smaller venue.

After so many teasers and the release of the music video in “Turn it Well” the event that everyone has been waiting for came to a huge success. You may not hear their songs on the radio but definitely they have made independent music scene a place to go and see them live.

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The night was a celebration of music and UDD up the ante as Armi Millare emerged from the stage dress in white which resembles a Japanese pop artist.

If you haven’t heard of Dreams Come True’s lead vocalist Miwa Yashida then try to look her up and see something familiar with Armi’s fashion style. Though not to take in comparison with other foreign bands UDD IS Armi Millare, Paul Yap, Ean Mayor, and Carlos Tanada a quartet of talent that defines their music. On this night of revelry we come to see how the band has grown over the years since they first played music together and launched three critically acclaimed albums in the past six years.

Independent bands are rarely to come by and be consistent with growth. There are some who are “one hit wonders” and there are others disappears without even producing their very first studio album. UDD has finally arrived through the challenges and still learning moving forward.

Four people makes up the band without the other it won’t function just like a piston engine in a car or take the Beatles as another example. But UDD is not by product of a mainstream band and they started to be known through gradual pace. There’s a saying “You can’t rush art” and they define their own art form that makes them popular.

They are still the same humble group of people who just like to make great music and the appreciation comes in a long way beyond respect. You can say the band has been sold out long ago but that does not stop them from creating inspiring and fresh music to the ear.

You’ll see the smile of their fans faces when they greet them and hear their participation singing along to their hit songs. This is something rare for people who really appreciate real music. It’s something not being overplayed on radio that you want to hear. They are quite unique in how they are marketed and you can only catch them through their gigs.

Capacities include nine track songs that add to the list of well-loved UDD songs and it’s something you don’t hear on primetime radio. Rarely will you ever see it on music channels and if you catch a glimpse of it that is something to appreciate to watch.

“Turn it Well” was the closing song for the night but they came back because the fans want to hear some more. The autograph signing lasted wee hours of the night past bedtime and they really made you feel appreciated that you came.

There’s next tours will take them to provinces and key cities all over the country and one of them places is Davao City on December 21, 2012. They definitely turn it well and you should catch them just to step out of the box and appreciate GREAT Filipino music as its finest.

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