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11.10.2012 – From the much awaited third album from Up Dharma Down comes the single “Turn it Well” which will premiere tonight on Myx. The carrier single from the upcoming album Capacities soon-to be launched on November 28, 2012 is making rounds shared online.

The music video features some of the people from the urban as well as independent culture scenes and should not be missed. The song “Turn it well” has been played and performed by the band several times and has been a fixture of their playlist whenever they perform live at SaGuijo Café.

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Up Dharma Down for the past years has been the "Manila band most likely to cross over to the lucrative Anglophone market of North America…” as said by Mark Coles' BBC Radio Show several years ago. They have been getting a cult following and unlike any other band who has gone mainstream UDD keeps a proper perspective staying true to their craft.

“Turn it well” is the upcoming video to be shown tonight on Myx and based on the teaser it features some faces we’ve seen and featured like Dee Jae Pa’Este an urban pop artist. It’s been a long time coming for the band to release the much awaited 3rd album and if you’re a UDD fan this music video can’t be forgotten to be seen tonight…

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