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10.30.2012 – The Wolverine Official Poster has been revealed earlier this morning (Manila Time) during the live-chat interview with Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold live on Youtube. They were with Agent M answering questions to fans about the development of the film.

Currently filming in Sydney Australia and they talked about the development of the movie revealing the setting within the X-Men cinematic universe. Mangold said that they had a lot of fun making this film which is quite challenging staying true to the character at the same time having a realistic feel to it.

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Hugh Jackman said he never thought about portraying this character this long since the first X-Men film. He had this particular dream to shoot a Logan arc that involves Samurai story set in Japan which brings us to “The Wolverine.” This reveals that it’s set after X-Men: The Last Stand and as James Mangold added the huge part of the character was his rage which would play a part of this film.

Jackman said that for almost a decade he challenged to bring the character to life emotionally, physically, and everything that was Logan. So the film is not tongue and cheek as Mangold said they are challenged to bring realism and not just the dramatic aspect but what the character stands for.

If you can sit through less than 30 minutes of that live-chat from earlier here’s a complete transcript and discussion what went own behind the scenes of the film beside taking answers from fans all over the world from fan questions to Hugh Jackman’s facial hair…

They also revealed the official teaser poster more influenced with the comic style art than your typical cinematic posters that would definitely give Wolverines fans something to anticipate next year.

The Wolverine stars Hugh Jackman and the film opens on July 26, 2013 from 20th Century Fox to be distributed in the Philippines by Warner Bros. Pictures.

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