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07.29.2012 – The Morning Rush radio show has been an evolving trend since Chico Garcia and Delamar Arias became a tandem in July 1996. Then Gino Quillamor aka Gino Boi on twitter joined the show late last year to become the triumvirate of laughter and your definite morning show.

Just like any successful radio show they have endured through good and bad still remember their beginnings. The success of the show won’t be popular spawning a short lived TV show in the late 1990s and recorded two albums.

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Now they have the best seller book with their Top Ten which is still selling like hotcakes. Recently they also have won two awards and the rewards continue thanks to the passionate fans. The best trending radio show from Globe Tatt Awards and the best radio show from Yahoo OMG Awards.

Yesterday the “Kikay Barkada” celebrated their sixteenth anniversary and we caught the tail end of the program where the fans in their party hats celebrated and had super fun at the McDonald’s Robinsons Galleria branch.

If last year’s indication of the fifteenth anniversary was extravagant then you should check out the fun in yesterday’s festivities see the collection of photos we have taken during the event itself…

Everyone definitely enjoyed a fun filled after noon. Towards the end of the party Gino even had a dance off with one of the fellow Rushers (A term for a listener and fan of the radio show) where some of the girls where quite entertained with the humour.

Tune-in to The Morning Rush during weekdays at 6-10AM on Monster Radio RX 93.1 and for more antics of Chico, Delamar and Gino LIKE the radio station’s Official Facebook Page!

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