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05.31.2012 – The game changing technology that adidas innovates is something other shoemakers try to emulate with their own version of their product. These days it’s not about the snazzy colors or the brand name itself that enhances your game.

If last year’s innovation and introduction of adidas Crazy Light during the Philippine launch last year was enough to silence the competition. The shoes boasting its 9.8 ounce weight and this year they continue to push the boundaries of innovation to cut it down at 9.5 ounces.

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This may be the lightest shoes ever made right now and its coming to the Philippines. Last April 27th it was unveiled in North America. There where several websites sharing the details about the shoes’ evolution including the process that took these pair of shoes to be developed as the next big thing for ballers.

Acknowledgement to the images used courtesy of DimeMags and FreshnessMags with both had the chance to talk to the developers and getting a closer look of the product during the US launch of the adidas Crazy Light 2.

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