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02.14.2012 – Toni Bennett knows how to melt hearts with his that romantic voice. The song “Cold, cold heart” from 1951 is the featured in Google’s animated music video.

This makes everyone melt some more for those spending Valentine’s Day alone. Mr. Bennett hitting the high notes when he was 25 years old back then is hitting also some lonely hearts.

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Where the best written songs about love and affection are has gone? All we can hear right now is about banging and a lot of expletive words.

This year’s Valentine’s Day doodle is an evolution from the straightforward approach Google had in 2011. Last year it was just simple but vibrant artwork making out the “Google” word where a heart replaced the first "O" of the Google logo in the doodle inspired by an artwork 'LOVE' by American artist Robert Indiana.

Last September 5, 2011 there’s one interactive doodle which they made a tribute to Queen’s front man Freddie Mercury by pressing the “play” button in the Google it plays the song “Don’t Stop Now” one of their hits. This is a leap from the casual tributes that started with Charlie Chaplin in celebrating his 122nd Birthday.

The beginning of the interactive doodles began with Pac-Man in May 2010 and ever since then Google made it a tradition to celebrate a special occasion whenever there’s one.

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