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11.09.2011 – These just arrived a few days ago direct from San Francisco and the most notable comic books that either hard to find or did not reach the country is the new revamped Batgirl and the Free Comic Book Day 2011 from BOOM! published Dark Wing Duck with the flip book adventures of Disney’s Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers.

Currently Batgirl is the original Barbara Gordon and issue one has been out now. The comic book has been released for the second print and issue two is now out at your local comic book retailer.

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The first issue of Batgirl has been reviewed and dissected several times that we don’t need to go through and give you another review for this great book.

Dark Wing Duck/Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers flip book from FCBD 2011 is the one that did not arrive in the Philippines. This is due to licensing conflicts in Asia that this comic book is only available as a FCBD 2011 giveaway in selected countries outside the US.

Ever since Free Comic Book Day was a regular event in 2007 here in the Philippines all the Disney related comic books published by BOOM! was never part of the FCBD that was distributed in Asia. There’s no known comic book retailer that has brought one for this year.

The other comic books that came with the “care package” from San Francisco is the FCBD 2011 release includes The Ballad of Sleeping Beauty #1 published by Beckett. This is a new comic book with a gothic-western-fairy tale hybrid theme. Then there's sample in the comic book by Benaroya Publishing collected a preview of their upcoming titles that will be released under Image Comics.

Interesting good read that we hardly know and seen in local retail shops but maybe in the future we might see them in future FCBD events.

The rest of the comic books to round up from the “care package" are from DC Comics headed with the much elusive Batgirl #1 which definitely a favorite written by Gail Simone. This is followed by Part One War of the Green Lanterns (Green Lantern #64), Brightest Day #0, Green Arrow #1 (Brightest Day Tie-In), Justice League: Generation Lost #1 (Brightest Day Tie-in) and 100 Bullets Special Edition #1 from Vertigo.

There were other goodies that came with the comic books, but these are quite a surprise to share with everyone. Special thanks to our friends who are based from San Francisco. The same people who had helped us give you updates on the recent Wondecon 2011 coverage we had last summer.

For more updates on the upcoming Free Comic Book Day 2012 please do LIKE the Facebook Fan Page as well as check out Comic Odyssey for back issues and current releases.

For those who are residing in remote places or have no time to pick up their comis please do check with Comics X Hub as they can ship you your comic books and don’t forget to LIKE there Facebook Fan Page too.

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