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11.17.2011 – Komikon 2011 is a few days away and if you’ve been tuned in today and have no visual imagination what’s happening behind the scenes then you’re in a treat to see how Lyndon Gregorio reacts to Inka’s questions or what is Ariel doing prior to going on-air.

The organizers of Komikon was the special guest in Inka’s daily show “The Hit Blitz!” where she plays your requested songs and tally the votes for the RT Coundown which happens on Fridays. The two gentlemen was quite a trooper finally going on-air on The Best Music on the Planet – 99.5RT!

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Mostly it was geekingabout comics was the discussion and legendary 99.5RT jock Jeremiah Junior arrived and added some interesting discussion about old movies the stuff. Inka was definitely a comic book fan going gaga of the stuff Lyndon had given to her.

Definitely she had fun talking to Ariel and Lyndon about what’s going to happen this coming weekend. For those who missed the radio interview with Ariel and Lyndon check out the behind the scenes promoting the seventh annual Komikon happening this weekend…

At the end of the day it was like hanging out and just appreciating comics and talking about our Filipino artists who are up and rising talents in their craft.

Don’t miss out Komikon: Moving Forward to 2011! with the “Komikalye” (the local version of the “Artist Alley”) and the third Komikon Awards.

For more details about Komikon visit the official website and LIKE their Facebook fan page.

Komikon 2011 is happening at the Bayanihan Center near Kapitolyo in Pasig City the directions can be found HERE. Special thanks to 99.5RT for helping promote this yea’rs Komikon and we’ll see you all this coming Saturday!

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