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09.18.2011 – Radio1: The Crash Course in Cool Campus Affairs an original show hosted by student DJs from colleges and universities has been around since it first aired on March 5, 1995. If anyone has not heard of it tune-in to Monster Radio RX93.1 on Saturdays at 12-2pm.

Yesterday features two new student DJs in Nick and Ysa both from Dela Salle University with senior student DJ EJ who just came off from co-hosting with Rico Robles in Overtime which aired prior to the show. The new Radio1 students have been in-training with the RX Air Staff for the past week.

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If you notice lately if you’re tuned in to Francesca and Andre’s Jumpstart: The Awesome Twosome Show in the late afternoon you can hear Nick who’s been on-air Mondays and Thursdays.

Missing what’s happening inside the RX Studious check out these photos…

Catch the new batch of Radio1 student jocks and you can also LIKE their Facebook Page too. For the former Radio1 student jocks you can share your past experiences and photos by visiting the Classic Facebook Page and don’t forget to LIKE it!

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