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09.27.2011 – Guess what’s the Happy Meal toys from McDonald’s Philippines will be for the month of October? Anyone catching up to see Batman: The Brave and The Bold lately on Cartoon Network?

If you’ve been religiously following the animated adventures of your favorite DC Comics Superheroes then this coming month must be it.

Batman: The Brave and The bold finally make it to McDonald’s near you here in the Island Philippines. These were the toys released in Malaysia last July 2011. It’s been a long time hoping to see these toys getting a release in this country.

There were a lot of reactions and not entirely positive with the line-up of toys that will be available for the Philippine market.

It would be cool to have the entire line up of these toys released but it never ben given a clear answer why we never get them unlike what the US releases are getting.

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Malaysia last July 2010 had released the first four toys in The Batman, Blue Beetle, Aquaman, and the Batmobile with the Sugarbunnies as toys fir girls...

Then this year they got the additional four toys that will be released here namely Plastic Man, The Jokermobile, The Penguin Submarine, and Batcopter.

The questions that we’re hoping is are we going to get the other Brave and The Bold toys that was released in North America last year?

Surely you’d want to get The Batmobile first if it makes it here since the cool feature is it has a Batcycle inside this cool nifty car. Unfortunately we can’t be sure about having them in the foreseeable future.

For now let’s get all four and worry about not being left out with four My Little Pony characters. The new renovated McDonald’s store at Makati Cinema Square had a major facelift and it’s a great time to celebrate its 30th Anniversary here in the Philippines.

So grab the latest Happy Meal toys while stocks last. We’re pretty sure the Batcopter is the second best aside from the Batmobile that would be sold out just don’t miss out!

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