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09.24.2011 – Hanna a suspense action thriller film from Focus Entertainment was shown recently as a special screening at MyCinema here in the Philippines. The movie has been out since April 2011 in North America. Based from its positive reviews it did well in selected theaters all over America.

This will be shown exclusively at all Ayala cinemas which open in September 29, 2011 and special acknowledgements to Warner Bros. Philippines for this opportunity to see this special film. This stars Saoirse Ronan in the titular who also features Eric Bana and Cate Blanchett.

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The film opens up without any hitch bringing us to the opening scene that you might have seen in the promotional trailers. Directly we can say the musically score was tailor made to the mood of each film and Chemical Brothers lends their hand in making the sound of Hanna. Impressive as it is the pacing of each scene is as dramatic as you could understand how indie is this film can be.

It was definitely made for teens and above not the usual girl drama you were expecting. If your into suspense thriller film would you trade it for some oddly night out in a bar on a Friday night? Definitely you’re missing the fun part on this film which was directed by Joe Wright.

Unexpectedly this film did give us the reason to watch it for another round. You can’t compare this to the Borne Identity Trilogy or Angelina Jolie’s Salt. The menu does not include the comparison to Zoë Saldana’s Columbiana. This movie certainly has legs to stand out as one of the best movies for this year.

If you’re used to silent drama accompanied with utter silence this film has a few of those particular scenes that would make you feel eerie. The curiosity would get you hooked to how the action scenes was done quite nicely.

Overall its one of those sleeper hits that you should give a try and watch. Never pass up for a night out of the town rather get some thrill with this superb film as it earns a 4.5/5 rating for one of the best movies you should try seeing this week once it gets out.

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