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08.15.2011 – It’s been a while since we last seen Kitchie Nadal perform in the local music scene. After coming back from a two year sabbatical she has return to Fire up and captivates her long time fans once again. Monster Radio RX93.1 is celebrating its anniversary month this August. They are already halfway in bringing the best of OPM on Philippine primetime radio.

Two Mondays earlier they had Richard Poon and Calalilly opening up the first half. This time it’s a collaboration of the hottest female artists’ Barbie Almalbis and the return of Kitchie Nadal. There are so many things to talk about Ms. Nadal and her music which definitely inspired a lot of Filipinos.

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Anna Katrinal Nadal outside the music scene has been honing her talents in playing guitar. She spends most of the hours tweaking and getting the tunes right. Besides the practice on the side she shares her artistic side making paintings and meeting up with close friends in doing her personal outreach. She helps out the street children near her place organizing mini bible studies and educating them.

It’s been a while and a lot has definitely changed with Kitchie now tanned and more stunning. There’s also a change with management as her former manager Roca Cruz is currently still touring Canada. She is under a new manager a good friend of Roca’s and his name is Tommy.

The band set up has not changed entirely as she usually invites good friends to jam with her. Unfinished business in putting up a third album is in the works and that would definitely help bring back her listeners in catching up with her.

It’s good to see Kitchie Nadal back in the limelight and the fans could agree more. The RX Concert Series opened up with Barbie Almalbis’ performance and teamed up with Kitchie singing “Bulong” on her last song.

Kitchie followed up with a set for her solo performance singing some new songs and familiar ones that was from the first and second album. This also includes the Philippine Olympic song “Isang Araw.”

She has a few gigs happening here and there. Mostly you can catch up with her upcoming performances through her Facebook Fan Page.

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