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07.02.2011 - The Eastwood City Mall in Libis is hardly a place to go and experience the light show. Several times an event is being held in this place. Either it’s about a launch of a new product or a campaign for a new movement.

For some reason this is a first time in many months it became an interesting place. Nobody takes notice of the architectural design that was put in this interesting mall.

Libis usually really is off the grid to local commuters. When you plan to spend time with friends or love ones.

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Not because it’s far but certainly it not the usual place you go through when you plan to unwind, but it helps that it’s a different place from other usual malls in the country.

The main plaza is a interesting sight to behold with all the flickering lights and colorful spectacles, that change randomly who would be entertained by its magnificent show?

On the side note while exploring its beauty, and the way the mall was built suddenly there was a small commotion down below. If you’re aware of the flash mob scene where usual people started dancing one by one, and this is not entirely you'll be expecting.

A bunch of weird looking mascots started to threaten nearby bystanders with their whips and spiky looking appearance.

Then there was a trio of neon lighted group of people doing some sort of ballet. There was one female and two male doing their moves that are actually quite entertaining.

There was sort of a clash between two groups, and turns out its like a fifteen minute drama involving monsters with those trio of super heroes. The discovery of the four monsters, where based from human aches in the body. They are Toothache, Headache, Dysmenorrheal, and to round up the group is Body Pain.

Behind the facade of this drama is actually educating people about preventive measures in avoiding this ailment. Of course you need the right kind of solution that will ensure a quick faster solution.

There was a video captured that night when all this commotion began, and revealed that it was a promotion for the new Advil Liqui-Gel...

The program ended abruptly like it never happened, but finding it entertaining for everyone it did have a lot of attention. Especially the acrobatic moves of the three people who went against those freakish monsters that prowled the grounds of Eastwood City Mall.

In the end what we learned for this is always take care of our body, and with that Advil Liqui-Gel is given away by a group of people carrying lot of these sample tablets.

The Advil Liqui-Gel has been scientifically & clinically tested with studies proven here in the Philippines as well as in other countries. This latest pain reliever comes in 200 mg and 400 mg, which has analgesic efficiency compared to 1,000 mg of paracetamol.

Advil Softgel Capsules is a product by the leading brand in Pfizer.

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The Lunch Break Blogger said...

Thanks for the heads up pare. BTW, great shot!

The Lunch Break Blogger said...

Pare, I've seen them yesterday at Market! Market!

Got them in video too! http://youtu.be/Uu8gTy8LsTQ

Check it out!

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