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07.26.2011 - Marvel started its humble beginnings known as Timely Comics back in the late 1930s. One of their first forays in the Super Hero genre is Captain America created by Joe Simon and Jack “King” Kirby in 1941. There were several incarnation of Captain America in another form of media. Captain America appeared in his original cartoon or a guest character.

In 1991 Marvel had attempted to produce its first Captain America live action film, but back in the day it was a campy one that we have to contend. Twenty years later Marvel is now a powerhouse and gearing up to bring the most ambitious live action film for 2012.

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The recently concluded San Diego Comic Convention was the mecha of popular arts and culture in North America that had its special screening of The First Avenger on July 21, 2011. The Philippine premiere was one of the most festive advance screenings decked with red, white and blue.

Thanks to SM Cinema and Solar Entertainment the special screening of Captain America: The First Avenger was one memorable experience for comic book fans and passionate cosplayers who were present for everyone to get a photo opportunity.

Finally Marvel had a one two punch with Thor, which was shown last April that opens up to the upcoming big event hinted and pretty much obvious.

Captain America: The First Avenger tells about World War II and the character’s origin how he came to be “The Sentinel of Liberty”. He became sort of inspiration to the soldiers who was sent to battle Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich.

Throwing The Mighty Shield

Captain America is truly The First Avenger and how it was told in the movie-based universe is closed enough for us to understand his origin represented for the modern times. There where connections and complex technical explanations that was simplified and be awed by its visuals. The action scenes are not as grandeur compared to other superhero flicks, but they wrote a fine film very much grounded for everyone to comprehend its great story

The creation of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby has been given another chance a crack at the big screen. The huge production by Paramount coupled with a great script and a few good humors. Definitely one of the best super hero films to come out in 2011.

Visually Joe Johnston has done well directing and taking us to the retro vibe of the 1940s era. The pulpy cinematic experience make up for the setting of this film. The special effects was a plus though not a fan of 3D this film can also be seen on digital 2D cinemas for those who can’t afford wearing those glasses.

Star Spangled Spectacular

Overall Captain America: The First Avenger scored 4/5, which hits a home run with the viewers with a good story. Sometimes comic based stories don’t translate well in the big screen, but this one was elevated to one of the best movies you should not miss.

The film opens in 3D and 2D across the Philippines on July 27, 2011 from Paramount Pictures distributed by Solar Entertainment-UIP. Catch the film and NEVER leave the cinema beyond the film credits as you’ll miss another Marvelous revelation for 2012!

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