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07.19.2011 – Warner Bros. is quite a buzz with their next super hero flick. We’ve got news first from one of the pop culture experts in the local scene presenting us with the official teaser trailer. There was also a rumored trailer which was taken down immediately.

The anticipation for Dark Knight Rises is at high time since they say every story has an ending. For passionate Batman fans that warmed up to Christopher Nolan’s tale of the cape crusader this is a re-telling of the legend.

We’ve seen Batman Begins inspired directly from the comics we’ve read in Year One and The Long Halloween.

The Dark Knight has captured our imagination with the late great Heath Ledger breathing life to one of its greatest foes.

The madness tale that acquired a lot of accolades for being one of the most unforgettable films we’ve seen in the Batman movie mythos.

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One fan even dared to combine all three movie poster logos that give us the anticipation for next year. As San Diego Comic Convention 2011 opens up its doors this Thursday (07/21/2011) we’ll find out more surprises that awaits us on this much talked about film.

Finally Warner Bros. has released a better quality of the trailer that was bootlegged a few days ago, and this times its official that we see glimpse of the last Batman film here…

The Dark Knight Rises will be released on July 20, 2012. The film will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures.

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