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07.09.2011 - For fifteen years morning radio shows has not been the same. Back in the day it was the usual routine where you just hear one radio DJ talking over and delivering the usual news. Then came a time that it’s about to shake up and change how we start our day. This was the genesis of The Morning rush with Chico Garcia and Delamar Arias.

After 15 years the Rushers are there to support the duo that made us laugh and cry at the same time. There were stories and the usual drama that we became part of them every day. When it’s already Friday we feel like we want to have them over on weekends.

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Of course we do have them extend to that every last Saturday of the month, and some would say it’s not enough but surely we’ll hear them again starting Monday.

This is the routine on how we listen to Chico and Delamar Mondays to Fridays. They have become a staple on Philippine radio that they are personalities of their own right. The epic duo will always be part of our daily routine.

The celebration started on earlier today, but officially the anniversary was on July 8, 2011. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf across the Strata 2000 where they are located was packed just to see the Morning Show live. This is their first live broadcast outside the RX Studious. Devoted fans where there support as early as 5:30AM and you could never get closer than seeing them through the glass window.

The famed radio duo had matured but never changed the way they are from 1996. They are still humbled and stayed warm and friendly throughout the years.

We could say they are the template or the ingredient for a morning show on radio, and that has become something ever since as many had followed. Many had tried to duplicate the perky and crazy moments they had brought upon their listeners, but no one can duplicate their being prompt unscripted program.

Best endeavors to Chico Garcia and Delemar Arias for making our radio mornings a memorable one. We hope the Morning Rush will continue and will stay fresh for another 15 years.

For more about The Morning Rush catch them Mondays to Fridays at 6 to 10AM, and you can also catch them every last Saturday of the month from 6 to 9AM only from Monster Radio RX93.1!

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