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06.24.2011 - Strangeco known as Strange Collective is a vinyl toy manufacturer that was founded in 2002.

In 2008 they released The Vivisect Playset a collaboration of well known artists from the pop art scene headed by Joe Ledbetter, Amanda Visell and Luke Chueh

The Vivisect Playset is packaged in random blind box, and you won't know who you will get.

This collector's edition features 10 figures from the series.

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The multi-artist mini figure series was originally based on an annual art show hosted by Gallery 1988 and curated by Luke Chueh. Thematically focuses on the unique way of dissection and reconstructing animals to give you the idea of human emotion.

There are 7 artists who participate in these annual shows, which devised and made original character designs.

The artists also featured in this series are Anthony Ausgang, Thomas Han, Peter Gronquist, Greg Simkins - plus a special collaborative design by Joe Ledbetter and Greg Simkins. Collaboration possibly the chase figure among the set.

For every blind box is anticipation who you'll get for this one we feature Luke Chueh's out worldy three-eyed rabbit, who wears a mask which hides its innocence...

Special acknowledgements to Red Nimbus for this awesome mystery figure, which was sealed and we thought there's a J.Led creature or Amanda Visell blue croc lurking in the box. To our surprise we got Luke Chueh's imaginative and original creation!

You can check out Red Nimbus for more vinyl toys and tokidoki clothing line located at the 3rd level of the Jump Street Wing of Robinsons Galleria for more details LIKE their Facebook Page to get further updates!

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