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06.16.2011 - Mr. Popper's Penguins is based on the 1938 children's book of the same name which stars Jim Carrey as Tom Popper who inherits six Gentoo penguins.

Now this modern take is unlike the classic book, but something worth watching for the family to enjoy this Father's Day weekend. The film had a special media press screening in the Philippines on June 16, 2011 at the TriNoma Cinema 1.

Its another classic Jim Carrey film but this time for the family to enjoy.

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This also stars Carla Gugino, Clark Gregg, Angela Lansbury, and Ophelia Lovibond to name a few of the cast.

What Every Father Should...

The film's show date is a good timing for Father's Day weekend as the movie is about a father realizing what matter's most. Namely his family and the changes that will affect him with the penguins. Jim Carrey does it again with the memorable humor, but not over the top as previous films. Though its just right as Yes Man.

Mostly the movie focuses on a family theme how everyone got back together again. Something for everyone to appreaciate and enjoy.

What the Penguins say...

Overall the movie has the right humor and timing. Not much clutter but it has a lot of moments for some good laughs. Not that spectacular but right for the kids to enjoy and understand the humor.

Sometimes the American humor doesn't click unless you got the idea from knowing the culture. This film is rated for the general public which scores a 4.5 rating and opens across the Philippines on May 17, 2011 from 20th Century Fox Philippines.

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