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06.15.2011 - For anyone who had read the Green Lantern comic book it’s going to be surreal. Every fan would be reciting the oath of a Green Lantern.

Some would come in droves wearing the shirts and that blinking ring, but there are also those who would ride the hype. It’s all fun and games but the true fans will be definitely there to see it in all cinemas across the Philippines.

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It’s a long time coming and you thought Batman and Superman had already enough spotlight to shine them on. What about the other iconic DC characters? Of course they will and Green Lantern is their brightest hero to light the blackest night.

For every fan a first full length action movie is something to expect. We know some would be opinionated about it, and there will be purist who would shoot it down. But if you’re a constructive type who would still suggest this film please do. It’s a good movie worth watching to those who never got to read the comic book or have owned a blinking ring. These movies are as entertaining for those who seek a little of those out of ordinary.

In this Movie...

Science fiction plays well with the concept about the world of Green Lantern. If you have seen the trailers it involves a purple skinned alien and his spaceship.

Quite an interesting thought in the comic book, that same element was used if your reading Green Lantern Secret Origins. This book compiles the Year One Origins on how Hal met Abin Sur, but taken away the complex back end story, that would bring the multi-crossover saga of the Blackest Night.

There where good timing with the humor, which was entertaining and you'll forget the dull moments. It’s like short and sweet to say it was told in the right way, though it wasn't underwhelming or spectacular but it was entertaining to see Ryan Reynolds.

Blake Lively was hot and was in character. She breathes life to Carol Ferris with quite a tenacity, and little bit of romance between Reynolds' Hal Jordan.

The special effects are as good as how it was used in the film. Based on the trailers and after the actual screening the costume surely grows on you.

The CGs really made it definitely good, which includes Kilowog (Michael Clarke Duncan) and Toma Re (Geoffrey Rush). The illusions that they are at planet OA is breathe taking, but mostly the focus was always the characters.

Verdict of the power ring...

The movie was not underwhelming or downright spectacular, but it definitely delivered the goods.

So if you’re watching the film NEVER stand up until the credits has been cleared or you’re going to miss a key scene. We're now entering the summer blockbusters and this film was first at the door.

This one gets 4 out of 5 score cards for such an awesome film, which opens across the country on June 16, 2011 from Warner Bros. Pictures Philippines.

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