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06.26.2011 - Bjorn Calleja's solo exhibit was so colorful it blinds the eye can see with his amazing creations. Imaginative and original Bjorn Calleja had carved a niche in the pop culture urban scene with his "Color Bringer" creation.

The exhibit also launched Calleja's "Color Bringer" vinyl figure, which is limited to 27 pieces made in the Philippines. One of the exclusives launched at Secret Fresh Gallery in Ronac Art Center.

All the colors in the rainbow was released in this tiny little gnome, that makes this a unque creation of its own.

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If Rainbow Brite was for the kids the "Color Bringer" is the adult version of that colorful character. Its unique in an artistic sense its Bjorn Calleja's signiture identity with that trademark gone creation.

If you haven't dropped by Secret Fresh it will be from June 26, 2011 and will run until July 19, 2011 at Secret Fresh Gallery.

For more of the "Color Bringer" upclose check this out...

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