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05.12.2011 – After much surprise we got a hold on the current Samsung Galaxy Tab mobile phone tablet. The device is thick with a screen size of “7.1 in one color which is white. There’s no need to go further with the review since this has been out for quite some time.

The Galaxy Tab is a huge mobile tablet that it’s not to be compared with the Apple iPad or any particular tablet brand that’s been coming out of the woodwork. The box itself can tell you that this is not just a mobile phone or a plain looking tablet.

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To share more about this device we’re going to share you all a few preview photos in unboxing this product from Samsung. The specs can be read behind the box for full details on what are the operating system and its other paraphernalia.

Definitely it’s a must have for those who are having second thoughts of getting the bigger iPad tablet or contemplating on a new smart phone.

We’ve got a couple of photos of the unboxing of the Samsung Galaxytab right here…

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