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05.29.2011 - At 9.8 ounces the lightest basketball shoes will be unveiled very soon. For you all true sneaker heads this is gonna be a trip!

adidas Philippines is going to bring you the adiZero Crazy Light shoes to the country that thrives on playing the game of basketball. It's lighter than Air could be a real statment right there.

It will be officially dropping in all adidas stores in a few days from now as the internet is talking about all sorts of info, colorways and other reviews about these shoes.

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There where virals all over the net, but is it lighter than what we expected?

We can't wait to see it to believe if its legit to say, that adidas is trying to prove in making a point in bringing us these shoes. Honestly this might be something exciting to know how the other brands will react to it.

For now you just have to wait for its global release on June 3, 2011 to find out for yourself.

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