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04.08.2011 - The Corregidor Adventure in Corregidor was the most physical challenge any peros would experience. For those who are not into sports or have no regular fitness regiment this is going to be a tough challenge.

Though for those who where not able to catch they can still ride the tour bus. They follow the players in the trail as assistance if need be with a medical team standing by. Personally this is quite a trip if you really seek the adventure.

Corregidor has a rich Philippine history, which is a fortress that defended the country during World War II, and the last to surrender during the Japanese occupation.

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The island is shaped like a tadpole and there was a lot of places to explore. Mostly the ones we covered are in the course of the challenge.

If you have the knack to have a tour at Corregidor take the challenge of the Corregidor Adventure in a different way. It would be a memorable tour with new friends as your teammates.

For those interested for the Day Tour Corregidor Adventure*


Round trip ferry transfers
Shrine, entrance and terminal fees
Corregidor Adventure participation fee
Corregidor Adventure Kit (includes bottled water, sunblock, energy bar, towel)
Corregidor Adventure Shirt
Buffet or Boodle Fight Lunch

Per person (Day Tour) rate: PhP1,999.00 pesos

For more of the event that happened check out these collection of snaps captured from the ferry to landing in the island and back...

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