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03.27.2011 - Another week in Korea capturing the cold aftertoon and the bight lights at night. Going back near the red striped Light Buoy, where the Tongyeong bridge is located for a scening view.

The temperature dropped at negative 3 and the lights where as bright as ever be.

Capturing these images was a bit of a challenge in the cold night at Tongyeong City in south Korea. Its almost spring time as the cherry blossoms will bloom any day before the end of March, and that will be a sign of Summer.

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Mostly the island side of Tongyeong City is as calm as the cold weather, and the day has a different perspective.

Most people on Sunday's would go up top of Mount Mireuk or walk the two-hour mountain trail. There a few who would go to Ganggun Port to see the Turtle Ship upclose and personal, and re0live Korea's history of the past.

Though I've already shared to you these places nothing more calmer than just capturing the Tongyeong bridge at night.

All the lights are on up to the huge cranes near the shipyards. Surely another set of snaps would definitely give the idea, that Korea is not just about their TV dramas or KPOP music moste definitely...

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