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03.15.2011 - Another cool day at Tongyeong-si. The morning is colder than ever at 7 degrees its not a normal climate for someone who grew up in a tropical country.

The view is magnificent then ever and the water are calm except the seagulls rowdy group they kinda put up a show.

Its not like Manila with a lot of people crowding the area, and the lake woul have floating trash all over the place. The season is moving to Spring time, but still the climate is colder than ever.

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The sun peeks in the cloudy sky in this place of Bongpyeong. For any KPOP geek out there absorbing the country's culture might be quicker. Compare this to someone who casually listen's to Wonder Girls and 2NE1, which has A LOT of competition from othere unfamiliar artists on KM (Korea Music their version of MTV).

So the morning walk was every bit worth the workout, but hardly you'll sweat from all the roaming around. For now here's more photos captured in today's adventure...

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