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03.07.2011 - Yesterday was a special workshop, which I attended late in the afternoon with other aspiring individuals who has the interest for serious photography. This featured The Philippines' X-Men Cosplay Team a local group of people, who dress up as their favorite characters from famous comic book from Marvel.

This closed door event was set in a private residence in Makati, where a total of sixteen people from the group was present to be part of this workshop. The studio set-up was a great setting, but for someone who's re-learning the proper ways of photography.

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The challenges going manual has its trials and errors, which is very familiar to me who's been into photography for more than ten years. What I'll be sharing to you are candid photos, and some shots that is worth improving. Some of the photos that you'll not see are going to be submitted as the group's portforlio.

For now enjoy and these sample shots from last Sunday's photo shoot, which definitely a learning experience...

Special thanks to The Philippines' X-Men Cosplay Team and to Mr. Winston Baltasar of WinSam Studio for the opportunity to be part of his workshop. Definitely a unique way to go back to school, and re-learning the basics of photography.

If your interested to be a serious photographer please do check out his workshop, and for further details check his official site at: http://winstonbaltasar.multiply.com

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