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03.06.2011 - The Philippine Cosplay Convention was held at Midtown are in Robinsons Place, Ermita. Cosplayers and casual people who dress up as their favorite comic book, movie, and other well known characters converge to this yearly event. Now on its fourth year in cooperation with Animax Asia.

The mall is packed with people in costume ranging from obscure looking creatures to winged warriors from unknown.

Though not familiar with some of the characters they come up with a friend was asked me to tag along to check out this event.

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Being familiar with cosplay events rarely I get to go and see this. Mostly I prefer going to conventions, which has something to do with my interest namely toys.

The conventions here in the Philippines has become a staple in our popular culture, that has become a big draw of crowds in malls. Mostly the people who cosplay and some who dress up gets quite an attraction for most visitors of malls in general.

If you haven't attended any conventions with relations to seeing cosplayers and people who just dress up for the fun of it check out some of these photos here...

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