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03.21.2011 - The Rope Way was closed by 4PM, but the night at Tongyeong city is very much alive. Calm as the quiet night bustling with lots of lights.

Korea is captivating this of Gyeongsang Province, where rarely few know as one of their tourist spots.

It was too late to check The Ropeway as it closes earlier, but sharing you a preview another adventure. One of the known places you should try to check it out as this ride gives you a view overlooking Hallyeosudo.

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Round trip will cost you W10,000 Won equals to $10.00 US Dollars for an adult. More good places was featured including the Haejo Undersea Tunnel in this old article from last year.

For now sharing you images of The Ropeway at Mt. Mireuksan, which was already closed past 6PM. Posting updates later right now check out these images...

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