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02.22.2011 - Another successful Headshot Clinic has accomplised tonight. Filipino talent as its finest showed up to support Q-York, Chelo and the lovely Ms. Paloma Esmeria. The crew had a shoot of their upcoming music video. The ever magnificus Niccolo Cosme was patient and focused on taking photos of the personalities from various professional field of media.

Mostly the importance in this shoot is to promote OPM and Filipinos WE SHOULD. I myself is a listener of Original Pinoy Music, and I have been doing coverage of our Filipino singers, artists, and bands for the past 10 years.

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You don't see different artists ranging from singers, models, actors, and different sectors of the media to converge and be part of something big.

This time around YOUY!: Project Headshot Clinic is all about the support for OPM: Original Pinoy Music led by the independent Hip Hop group Q-York.

The word YOUY! is also an inventive Filipino expression by Flava Matikz of Q-York. The word is an amalgamation of tagalog words "yun" and "hoy!", which is a combination of two words that is "YOUY!"

YOUY stands to be a multitude of meanings. It can be a greeting, it can be used to express something cool, it represents freedom. The limitless expression through creativity serves as an inspiration not just for OPM, but proud of being a Filipino.

Say it loud say it proud YouY!

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