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02.03.2011 - The talented Tom Hanks earlier tweeted and posted a photo of him doing voice work for Toy Story shorts.

Interesting update on Toy Story having "shorts", which is not the one you wear. But that statement means we get to see Toy Story not in the big scale, but with this news to hear about this being attached to Cars 2.

Its awesome to hear our favorite Pixar animation gets a continuity after the third film, which is definitely good news.

Quite remarkable to know Pixar is not going to mess up what happened in that film.

(Please CLICK on the title for the full article)

This is going to be great for those who can't get enough of Toy Story and its rich characters.

Tom Hanks and the “3 directors” (Angus MacLane, Mark Walsh, and Bobby Podesta) looks like they are having an awesome time!

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