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02.11.2011 - Its a long time coming but with every path you take there's always a beginning. In life you should not forget where you came from. Either bad or good that will define your individuality. I've been interested taking photos as long as I can remember holding a point and shoot camera.

Imagine those days where you have to spend a lot of money for a roll of film. Every shot has to be make it count for a roll of film is your limitation.

There was no trial and error in seeing the preview of the image captured back in the day.

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These days digital cameras have evolved with faster processors and clearer image. I've been using different kinds of digital cameras for the past ten years, and the constant change in technology is not about having the most high end that will define your photography. The photos you compose defines how good you are, and not the other way around.

The evolution of the ever growing sophistication in technology has pushed the boundary of photography to the next level. Its not that your the first one to use a D-SLR, because everyone went and started buying one.

I've been a Canon camera user since 2006 starting with the PowerShot A430, and the satisfaction of the quality it gave me was definitely awesome. The constant evolution with using Canon's PowerShot cameras gave me the edge for better composition.

In 2011 a few days ago I just acquired the Canon EOS 60D at Yodobashi in Fukoaka Japan. The mid-range level camera is the latest high end product from the EOS series, that came with a kit lens of 18-135mm released on August 2010. There where negative reviews of the camera, which didn't bother me to say this is my first D-SLR. The first Canon D-SLR that had a Vari-angle LCD screen and enhanced ergonomics.

The usual Canon EOS box is colored in white, but you'll know what kit lens comes with it due to the color coding. The standard kit lens is 18-55mm maked in red, and you'll notice it immediately in the box. The one I got is marked in green since the kit lens that came wih it is 18-135mm.

The other details in the box can be all seen in this set of images captured using Canon EOS Kiss X4 (Known in UK/Asia as 550D and in US as the Rebel T2i)...

Electronic devices in Japan are inexpensive and saved a lot in acquiring this. Giving you the unboxing sneak preview of the Canon EOS 60D.

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