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02.18.2011 - Just dropped by and checked out Jaime C. Salcedo Park in Salcedo Village for a look on how they will set up for tomorrow's Art in the Park. The place is pretty much dressed up right now with white tents, and these will be "mini booth" exhibits for those who will participate for the festivities.

The event will be FREE admission for anyone who would like to drop by. Lopez Museum will be one of the exhibitors for the event. They will auction the works of those who attended the toy making/customizing workshop conducted by Pilipinas Street Plan almost a week ago.

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The proceeds for the sold toy auction will go to helping the school children for their learning opportunities courtesy of the Knowledge Channel Foundation.

If you are not familiar with the location of Jaime C. Velasquez Park please refer to previous details of Art in the Park. For more of the images captured on what will be the set up tomorrow check out this preview...

Art In The Park is open at 2PM to 10PM and explore the exhibits, and personally will be there to hang out in do some Toy Photography until the late afternoon. So come one and come all will see you there!

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