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02.01.2011 - Back in 2007 a hobby was introduced to me by toy collector Mach Diesel. He got me interested in collecting Stikfas action figure.

Basically it’s a "stick" figure with multiple articulations, and the one I got needs to be assembled.

There are also pre-assembled Stikfas figures, but its not fun if your just going to get them packaged in blister packaging. BannyJ was the Singapore based toy manufacturer, who made it all possible for you to get addicted in building one.

Mach who introduced me to this hobby has been collecting the first ones as early as 2002.

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Being known in the toy collecting scene you could see how passionate he was to influence and get your interest to start collecting Stikfas.

The Stikfas figures started as a basic blank figure until they came up with other slew of Stikfas themed figures like this G2 Alpha Male Baseball player in grey. There was an alternate colored figure in teal, but this one really caught my personality with the Baseball player.

The contents of a Stikfas "kit" includes the parts for you to build one figure with accessories separated in a a tree. This also includes stickers for you to mix and match.

Building a Stikfas figure all you need is cutting tools, though if you just want to remove the parts from the tree its easily done due to its soft plastic. If you want your Stikfas figure to look seamless without the excess plastic, the cutting tools either a blade or model kit-made cutter will do just fine.

Once you finished building one it’s up to you to accessorize and personalized the figure. At first its quite addicting and you'll want to buy one more, but in the long run you'll lose interest finding any other alternative.

You need to buy more figures to mix & match and customize a figure that you want. Its fun putting together a figure and it won’t be enough once your creative imagination sets into play.

Concerning with the durability of the figure is sometimes in question, though not made for rough play ware as joints either loosen up or broken off. Stikfas got introduction from me and Mach Diesel when he was here in the Philippines. Then a following started when we had it displayed at the 2007 Christmas Toy Fair.

Interest had waned down due to a lot of things and mostly surrounding a lot of controversy. One of those issues was the appearance of the Intellect Action Figure. Basically it’s a bootleg version of the official product. It’s almost the exact copy but assuming the quality of the plastic is 5-10% percent less durable.

The color tones also will define the difference as well as most Stikfas figures are brighter than the fake version. Though there are some that can pass up as an original like the comparison between the nurse figures.

There was a point all the Intellect Action Figures where bought out from Toy Palace, and it was rumored that the buyer was the toy distributor itself. But after a few months later a couple of figures resurfaced at Toy Kingdom side by side with the original product. This was time they where being overshadowed by the presence of LEGO®, which made a come back in the toy shelves in the Philippines.

The better products from Stikfas could be the ones accompanied with vehicles, robots, and dragons. They are colorful and it gives you ideas to customize them for yourself. It could be your favorite comic book character or make your own action figure.

Stikfas would be cool again if they didn't dictate the "fun" side of the hobby. They should listen to the real fans, and you'll never know interest would pick up again.

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