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02.21.2011 - If your looking to ugrade to a Mid-range DSLR when out grow your 550D/Rebel T2i/Kiss X4 camera the next level is the Canon EOS 60D. This sits between the entry-level and the Canon EOS 7D.

Unveiled in August 2010, the 60D replaces the aging Canon EOS 50D in the mid-range DSLR category. This time around the upgrades for the 60D includes the Vari-angle LCD screen and enhanced ergonomics. The first in the EOS line to have a swivel LCD screen for those who would benefit in using the live view option.

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Though it has a slow AF in Live Mode reduces benefit of articulated screen for stills shooting. It makes up for excellent image quality up to ISO settings unthikable just one camera a generation ago. It has extremely high detail and resolution at base ISO with good per-pixel sharpness. One thing that has got interesting to like the 60D is the good ergonomics, which is well shaped and a comfortable hand grip.

Vari-angle LCD screen and enhanced ergonomics would come in handy for videographers and tripod users. The 60D had given users a good battery life with the new LP-E6 Lithium-Ion battery (as seen on the 5D Mark II and 7D).

This provides 13Wh of capacity (5Wh more than the BP-511A used in the EOS 50D) and also communicates more detailed battery status information back to the camera. If your not using the battery life last less than a week.

Most people would ask the difference with the 60D acquired in Japan. They might inquire the same question previously with the Canon EOS Kiss X4 about the language settings. I got the 60D at Yodobashi in Fukuoka Japan, and you will only get an English/Japanese language setting compared to the ones sold in Europe and USA. The rest spec details of the camera is the same.

From being a PowerShot to an EOS user its like going back to school in re-learning the basics of photography. Its not about being a high-end DSLR user, but the difference from being a point & shoot user is quite different.

Getting serious with photography has been a personal interest, since having the chance to own a film camera in the early 1990s. It has been a childhood interest back in the day, and I can't forget how many rolls of films has been developed.

Going back to the Canon EOS 60D it has become an advantage in capturing those quick moments, that can't be done by high-end P&S cameras like the PowerShots from Canon.

The other features that comes with the 60D is the light-up LCD control panel, which sits near the shutter button. This provides a wide range of information about camera settings and exposure in the dark. The mode dial still comes standard, but has a lock button at its center to prevent accidental operation (which makes it a bit slower and more awkward to operate, at least until you get used to it).

It also gains a movie option but offers only a single custom memory, rather than the two offered by the 50D. The camera's on/off switch resides beneath it.

The 60D comes with a 18-35mm kit lens for those long range shots. Though to my surprise this is no longer made in Japan but in Taiwan. As previous older EOS models are made in meta-body construction. The 60d is made of plastic-over-metal construction same with EOS 550D (Kiss X4/Rebel T2i).

In your hand the 60D is slightly more manageable 1.6 lb (755g), and produces less arm and neck strain with stable design. The camera feels great in the hand with that solid body. Some would say they missed the joystick control over the new combined command dial/multi-directional controller. For a first time DSLR owner it takes a lot of familiarization with this new controller set up.

Overall the Canon EOS 60D is a completely new animal under the mid-level entry for those, who would turn into "semi-pros", but for those who have previously owned a 50D one can't stop comparing the two.

For those who would upgrade they have choices between getting a 60D or get the 7D. It depends now on your perspective, which camera you would get now that a detailed review is out.

This will give you a better picture so to speak.

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