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Feb 9, 2011


02.09.2011 - Nike + Mini was released in very limited quantities. The mini figures where handed out at the Nike Club Run Manila held at the Fort Bonifacio grounds last year.

Myra is one of the thre figures that was given during the event. The other two Jay and Shazza where you can see the photos from Janine's blog post where she attended the fun run.

I assume that Myra is the common of the three, while the two are mostly gone before acquiring the above mentioned.

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The NIKE+ MINI Myra sports a non-removable headset and a red signature NIKE shirt with sneakers. The figure doesn't have an articulation, but the vibrant color makes up for its attractive coolness for your office table or among the displays in your shelves.

The other two figures can be seen at Coach Rio's blog. The Nike+ Mini was originally a personalizable application, that can be your "mini me". This was given as a “finisher’s give-away” in the form of the Nike+ Mini doll.

For those who participated in the Nike Club Run Manila everyone took home a NIKE+ MINI doll. If you havne't seen one here's a close up look of NIKE+ MINI Myra...

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