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02.24.2011 - MCA Music Inc. has the top five home grown artists for the months March to April 2011 on their priority list.

Sabrina's rendition of Hey Soul Sister is on top followed by Tricia Garcia with Say 'Yo Lang. The Lica featuring Richard Poon with All I Wanna Be. On the fourth is OSM2SM with songs Overjoyed and My Cherie Amour. Last on the top five list is Miguel Escueta with Now It Starts.

In the International Priority List MCA Music Inc. has 12 NEW singles and 9 HOT new tracks composed of top 20 artists.

Lady Gaga tops everyone with the debut of her new single Born This Way. This song followed by Jennifer Lopez with her come back single On The Floor. Rihanna is a hit with her new single S & M, and sets music scene with What's My Name.

Jessie J featuring B.O.B. with Price Tag coming on the fourth. Colbie Caillat with her I Do single. Then Maroon 5 can't get up since they will Never Gonna Leave This Bed as their latest single.

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Justin Bieber is alive which features Rascal Flatts with his new song That Should Be Me coming on the seventh priority list.

The Black Eyed Peas who Just Can't Get Enough from their new album The Beginning. Fresh from her trip to the Philippines Taylor Swift is HOT with Back To December.

Lastly on MCA MUSIC INC.'s top ten international priority list a new single from Dev. featuring The Cataracs with Bass Down Low.

For the next ten check out the entire priority playlist from MCA MUSIC INC. for March to April 2011.

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