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02.07.2011 - Countdown to the most anticipated mobile phone for Sony Ericsson is winding to be the next generation in gaming. The experience will blow your mind and definitely something REAL GAMERS don't just exaggerate.

Learn everything about Sony Ericsson's latest gamechanger as they unveil the next generation in portable gaming. This is what the Android is all about, and will change the way we use our mobile phones and how we play the games.

The mobile phone known as the "R800i" is now cleared to be powered by the Gingerbread will be marked under the Xperia Brand. Surely the main part of this most anticipated portable device is being dubbed as the "Playstation phone", that will enable you to download PSX games. Not to mention GameBoy Advance games that is quite enticing to find out on launch date.

Prepare yourselves on February 13, 2011 at 1800HRS GMT gaming is going up the next level!

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Peek in the future on who you'll be facing as Xperia Play is coming...

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