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01.27.2011 - Sneaker heads who follow Kobe Bryant's oydssey in the hardwood is in for a treat. As you have seen, Nike has been working on a film project with Kobe Bryant. Its something to look forward to checking out, because its directed by Robert Rodriguez (Machete, Predators & Kill Bill).

Nike doesn't usually work with Bruce Willis or Kanye West so this is quite a departure to their usual project.

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In this film "The Black Mamba" Robert Rodriguez has cast Kobe Bryant, Bruce Willis and Danny Trejo. It is being produced by Nike Basketball, and Rodriguez will direct. The release has been slated for the upcoming NBA All-Star weekend.

Kobe and Danny Trejo about to face-off for a scene from "The Black Mamba"

Robert Rodriguez and Kobe on "The Black Mamba" set

Robert Rodriguez discusses a scene from "The Black Mamba" with Kobe and Bruce Willis

Kobe and Bruce Willis in action on the set of "The Black Mamba"

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