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01.29.2011 - Burlesque (also called travesty) is a humorous theatrical entertainment involving parody and sometimes grotesque exaggeration. Before burlesque became associated with striptease, it was a form of musical and theatrical parody in which an opera or piece of classical theatre was treated in a broad, often risqué style very different from the original form.

Basically that's what the word meant, and it gives you the idea about this movie. Rarely you'll be seeing these kind of entertainment, and you thought this only happens in the film. Actually here in the Philippines there's a place not entirely like the one you'll be seeing in cinemas, but it sure remind me of that place I once experienced vising it.

The film had won the 2010 Golden Glove Award for a musical film. Indeed. I thought I've seen everything about Christina Aguilera, but her vocal talent speaks for itself that she has an edge.

Running at 119 minutes you won't even bother looking at your watch with all the entertainment. The glamour of it all is the musical performances.

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You'll get over the story with the talent in this film rarely noticeable behind the scenes.

For all its worth Burlesque captivates the audience with roaring praise once you hear Aguilera knock down the notes.

Cher the legendary diva still has the voice and the talent. Quite impressive even my seatmate would almost faint with enjoyment. Though I have to be so bold to say I'm not fan, but with Aguilera I like her music back to her beginnings.

The soundtrack must be up for grabs once you see this film inlcuding the 2011 Golden Globe Award for the Best Original song "You Haven't Seen The Last of Me", penned by Dianne Warren and sung by Cher.

Lucious and contagious Christina Aguilera gets a praise on this one for pulling off such a talent. Not to forget the other actors like Allan Cumming, who I hardly recognize in this film until the credits have rolled. Who would like some cookies with that bar tender? I'm sure the ladies will ooze there way to see this film.

For someone who rarely see a musical film I felt like being blindfolded, and sent to the bachelor party with no hesitation.

Quite fun for a group of ladies to see this film with all that zest, and recommended for the guys too who still has hotties for the ladies on stage. If repentance for being posessed was that too serious for you. This one gives you a different kind of entertainment, which gets you the heavenly voices rock your world with Cher and Christina Aguilera.

Overall this rocks the casbar with 3 out of 5 stars for a musical film rarely seen these days. Burlesque opens across the Philippines on February 2, 2011 from Columbia Pictures Philippines.

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