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01.16.2011 - Before you start buzzing like the emerald bee that you are, maybe you should start going back to its history. The Green Hornet coming to Philippine cinemas on January 19, 2011 is not all you thought knew about from the 60's.

As a matter fact long before Knock Up star Seth Rogen don the mask, and pranced around with his Asian side kick riding the Black Beauty this was originally a cult hit. Long before your parents was even born.

So before anyone of you movie buffs start preaching the upcoming The Green Hornet, which was shown in the US and UK last January 14, 2011. Get ready for some serious factoids of the movie you only knew on TV...

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1.) He was born on the radio. The Green Hornet originated as a radio drama in 1936 on the Detroit station WXYZ. The whole hornet angle came about because one of the show's creators liked the way a bee's buzz sounded on-air.

2.) Kato's no ordinary sidekick. A sixties-era TV series famously cast then-unknown Bruce Lee as Kato. The show lasted only one season, but Lee’s popularity helped introduce Americans to martial arts. When the series aired in Hong Kong, they just went ahead and re-titled it The Kato Show.

3.) He has masked kin. The Lone Ranger’s brother was Dan Reid, the grandfather of The Green Hornet. That makes the Hornet the Lone Ranger’s great nephew. Sadly, Kato is in no way related to Tonto.

4.) He’s finally here. The Green Hornet is directed by Michel Gondry, who was attached to the project way back in 1997. The script back then featured a villain who ate human hearts and was killed when he swallowed a pacemaker—which microwaved him from the inside out.

See the film now (for those outside the Philippines) but surely it will be shown on January 19, 2011. Never mind the reviews because if your looking for a good kick-ass action this is a good film to get stung about it!

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