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11.26.2010 - For the past twelve months or so I have not picked up an issue of FHM. Because since 2010 begun I have not been ever present in grabbing a copy since picking up my first in 2002. As I recall that was when Dianna Zubiri made headlines posing in a skimpy outfit over a bridge somewhere in Mandalurong City.

Though I got supplement copies of foreign magazines from relatives like US Editions of Maxine, Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition or an issue of Rolling Stones. Its not the same as having a monthly copy of FHM Philippines.

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There where a lot of notable cover girls that enticed, and turne some heads where sadly missed specially the autograph signings. November 2010 cover girls where hard to pass by due to limited time to be presently lining up for a friend from San Diego.

I'm sure the his legendary-ness would understand as per video posted as whenever I can grab a copy once in while. Would this December 2010 can be the return for that we hope for?

I doubt about it but based from the teaser received I'm sure this will heat some bald guy's Christmas if budget permits.

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