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11.23.2010 - Alcatel Mobile Phones has recently had a surprising announcement that they are back in the market with a new device. With a partnership between Alcatel and Yahoo! they team-up to bring us one affordable mobile phone, that would suit to every Yahoo! user out there which is Alcatel One Touch Net!

This Smartphone will surely turn heads with its white and purple motiff tailor made from the Yahoo! trademark colors.

It has a QWERTY keypads which easilly access your popular Yahoo! services on the go and mobile.

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At your convinience away from your computer you'll be able to access Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Mail, Flickr, and more applications only Yahoo! can provide. Though there are several things to take note about this phone, that would give you an idea how it feels to get upcloce and personal.

Alcatel released three colors for you choose from namely white/purple the standard Yahoo colors that looks like a phone toy and then there are also black/silver and white silver colors. One other noticeable about this phone is that the optical trackpad is sensitive and the keys are quite small and not consistently responsive.

In connecting online like Facebook don't expect to have full access as its limited. You can still do facebook and twitter but accessing it via Yahoo! Social Pulse. The limitations are displayed in feeds and you don't get to see the entire status updates, comments, likes or retweets. One thing that this phone will surprise you is that it doesn't have Wifi! You'll depend on getting connected by EDGE/GPRS which is kinda slow when browsing the web, but with when chatting on Yahoo! Messenger and access Yahoo! Mail spells the difference.

It has a USB stereo headset, but you need to use your USB adapter or a Bluetooth headset would come handy in using your own headset. Kinda limited in feature but for The Alcatel One Touch Net retailed at PhP 5,999.00 its a bargain which is currently available in the market.

Surely an attractive phone who would like to color their world with Yahoo! But would you recommend this? It depends on the consumer how they adapt using a phone to their lifestyle. Surely Yahoo! users will pick this up because its --YAHOO!

For more details about the phone check out HERE!

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