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10.29.2010 - Tron Legacy is a dazzling cutting-edge spectacle, that you should not pass up to see. Last night was the Tron Night: A Sneak Peek Preview of Tron Legacy a 20 minute preview divided in five scenes taken from the film itself.

The beauty of it all is the quality of how the film was produced. The awesome in Tron Legacy was the the spectacle in IMAX 3D. The world we've known back in 1982 is more crystal clear than ever.

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There was a program organized Walt Disney Pictures International with the cooperation of SM Cinema at the IMAX Theater at the SM North Edsa. They provided refreshments before they started the program hosted by the student jocks of 94.7 Mellow Touch FM. The dance performace by New System decked with neon lights when the the room darkened was quite entertaining.

But the main event did not begin until they have raffled off some goodie bags for those lucky ticket holders. This was also a special invitation to viewers, who won the special screen access on Facebook by just "LIKE" the Walt Disney Pictures Philippine page.

When everything was all set to go we where taken back to The Grind, where the world of Tron exists. One particular scene that was shown was Sam's meeting Quora on a the Light runner vehicle, while trying to escape the Light Cylces. Though not to spill too much beans on some scenes this was far enough anticipation to see once this high-tech adventure film comes out in theaters.

The event was sponsred by ASUS Computer International as well locally the foold was courtesy of Peanut Butter and Jelly. This was also presented by JAM 88.3 FM, 94.7 Mellow Touch FM and SM Cinema.

The soundtrack is coposted by Daft Punk with their score "Derezzed". The film is Walt Disney Pictures Philippines to be shown in December 17, 2010 in Digital 3D™ and IMAX® 3D.

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