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Oct 8, 2010

Reading On 3D!

10.08.2010 - If you haven't been reading today's newspaper, maybe you should start grabbing a copy of Manila Bulletin's latest issue. As they have a special treat for everyone which is their 3D issue. This is not the first time a reading material had a 3D gimmick, that you need to wear 3D glasses to see its special effects.

Recently FHM Philippines had a 3D gimmick for their August 2010 issue, which featured Brazilian model Priscilla Meirelles on the cover.

These days the 3D gimmick has been revived, which was origianlly invented in 1838 in regard to the 3D displays.

Lately 3D has been a moving trend in cinemas since Avatar started the interest, and its crossing over to other mediums like print. Namely magazines, newspapers, and comic books.

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The first 3D comic book I had encounter was way back in 1994 when Valiant comics published the Valiant Vision Starter Kit, which was polybagged with 3D glasses. It was a cool gimmick that Valiant incorporated in some of their comics. Though not a large concept to be put commercially it was one of the most talked about gimmicks for comic books that had become a trend in the 90s aside from holographic covers.

Then there was the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in the year 2000, which was unforgettable. Even the advertisements included in that particular magazine was on 3D. The women in their skimpy and sexy outfits made you ogle in 3D!

Basically 3D is all the rage right now, but sometimes its not good for the eye seeing it most of the time. I guess it depends on who's reading and watching the films.

I hope not everything goes overboard with 3D, because if some over do it the fun runs out in that concept.

So far the Manila Bulletin a local newspaper here in the Philippines is the first broadsheet in the country to try this gimmick. But to spoil you not everything is on 3D only the images and not the articles. Its actually good because how would you read the paper entirely in 3D?

If you haven't picked up an issue of today's Manila Bulletin better get a copy, their running out fast and make sure you got the 3D glasses too.

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