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09.01.2010 - Going the Distance is an upcoming romantic comedy film directed by Nanette Burstein to be released on September 3, 2010. The movie began filming in New York City in July 2009. The film stars real life couple Justin Long and Drew Barrymore

Warner Bros. Philippines held an advance press media screening on August 31, 2010 at the Cinema 2 of Powerplant Mall in Rockwell. With a large attendance from different sectors of the media...

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From the title of the movie itself being given it is about the story about long distance relationships. It relates to some actual events out there that there are people who are in a long distance relationship.

Quirky With Dirty Humor

You could laugh it up from the start to the end, but the reality is true. Long distance relationship is not as easy as you can get into. Though the humor was intensely funny, but its odd how Filipinos take American humor lightly. With all the dirty language and sexual scenes thrown in the mix who would bother to nitpick.

Not to give enough details of some scenes the movie was totally awesome fun ride. But towards the end it slowly takes you to reality all fun aside. How difficult for two people to live apart.

Through the back of my head this movie reminds me of two special people. My close friends who had endured the test of time being in a serious relationship and Going Beyond The Distance. Seriously folks this is a learning experience for those who want to take a relationship to a whole new level when its long distance.

Real life couple Drew Barrymore and Justin Long is a natural with the scenes not to mention the sexual parts of it to the point of a bit awkwardness. But entirely the movie made you laugh your lungs out if not for the supporting cast. It takes you to a whole new meaning of dry humpin' to you gut with that kind of humor. Knowing we Filipinos are pretty much a conservative taking the American humor in good taste.

The Verdict

Totally worth seeing Drew Barrymore again. Not entirely a big fan but romantic comedies make her good to watch in this movie. Though not entirely highly suggested its a good pop corn flick among friends and couples, who would dare going the distance to appreciate how serious it is to be in this kind of situation.

Totally 8 of 10 would be the grade for this film to appreciate. The story was well written and teaching us the reality of long distance relationships.

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